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Soapbox Women is a self-sustaining, independent collective committed to empowering and promoting women and gender non-conforming people in the entertainment, creative advertising, and marketing industries.

"Soapbox Women was born in 2013 out of my desperate desire for community among the women in my industry. I was working at the junior level on a very tough team in an even tougher corporate environment. I needed guidance from the women around me who so clearly seemed to have it 'all figured out.'


After an evening spent celebrating the year’s most brilliant work created by the most brilliant minds in entertainment marketing (an event I was only given a ticket to attend because someone higher up on the food chain backed out of going), I was finally presented with the opportunity to meet so many women I had come to know intimately through my career – as colleagues and as people. I immediately felt bonded to these women; it’s an incredibly bonding experience to be with someone who just ‘gets’ how you spend 80% of your time. I was overwhelmed. 


Why was there not a place/network already in place for us to connect? Why did it take the promise of an open bar and free parking to motivate me to introduce myself in person? I felt so great – so deeply a part of something – that night. How could I feel that way more often? I woke up the next morning and wrote an email to every woman I had ever worked with explaining how desperate I was for us to connect more and why. I needed help. I needed mentorship. Could one of these women relate to what I’m going through and if so, guide me through it? I hoped so. Could we all come together and build a network and see what happens when powerful women unite? Within five minutes of my hitting send, every single recipient of this email responded with a resounding “YES! And whatever you plan, here are five names who will want in, too.” I was blown away. This was lightning in a bottle. This was the beginning of Soapbox."


Jennifer Weg

Soapbox Women Founder

Our Mission

A Message from Your Soapbox President


"Dear Soapbox Community,

I am honored to lead this next chapter of Soapbox! For years I’ve admired this organization and its ability to unite people and provide a space for conversations that directly impact how we evolve as industry leaders. Soapbox’s presence has and will continue to empower others by initiating meaningful conversations, mentoring, amplifying voices, and celebrating women and non-males across our industry. We are an organization intent on making a positive impact, and that mission will continue under the new leadership team. 

I was fortunate to serve on the last leadership team, comprised of inspiring women and led by the courageous, thoughtful, and kind co-presidents Ileanna Sawyer and Celia Ryan. They set an outstanding example of what leaders of this organization should strive to be – great listeners, fair decision-makers, and passionate to the core about this organization's mission. I’m grateful to have learned from them and will continue to learn from them as they move into their new roles as Soapbox Advisors. 

They also built a foundation for Soapbox. And now, as we look ahead to what’s next, I’m thrilled at the endless potential to continue doing what we do best – building connections, expanding the organization's horizons, and elevating the presence of our community. With zest and determination, the new leadership team will build upon Soapbox’s foundation – and we will ask our members to guide the way.

Thank you, Soapbox Community, for this opportunity to lead as your next president. I look forward to serving you.”

With Gratitude,


Ashley Falls

President, Soapbox Women



SB_profile - Erica Laible.jpeg

Erica Laible

VP of Public Relations


Nora Jurasits

Chair of Soapbox Design


Lauren Zoller

Co-Chair of Soapbox Editors

KelseyDeWeerd_SoapboxMomsChair - Kelsey De Weerd.jpg

Kelsey De Weerd

Chair of Soapbox Moms

Ashley Falls_ President - Ashley Falls.JPEG

Ashley Falls


2019-07-22-Soapbox-Jen_Weg_Kharen_Hill-4025 copy copy.jpeg

Jennifer Weg

Founder & Advisor


Celia Ryan



Ileanna Sawyer


THEISEN_VPFINANCE - Michelle Theisen.png

Michelle Theisen

VP of Finance


Jen Grey

VP of Membership &
Co-Chair of Soapbox Editors

Monina_VP_Mentorship - Monina Verano.jpg

Monina Verano

VP of Mentorship

IMG_4315 - Riddhi Panchal.jpeg

Riddhi Panchal

Chair of Soapbox Women of Color


Margaret Hinch



Kerianne Connor Lentz


Tiz Simpson - Co-VP Programming.jpeg

Tiz Simpson



Erica Casillas

VP Culture & Equity


Jaime Toscano

VP of Programming



Kharen Hill

Leadership Committee

Jenny_Robinson_LeadershipCommittee - Jen Robinson.jpg

Jenny Robinson

Leadership Committe


Crystal Causey

Leadership Committee


Erika Anaya

Leadership Committee

JP portrait2890Final - JP Patterson.jpg

Jennifer "JP" Patterson 

Leadership Committee

AllysonNevil_Mentor_Committee - Allyson Nevil.png

Allyson Nevil

Leadership Committee

DariaJones_LeadershipCommittee - Daria Jones.heic

Daria Jones

Leadership Committee

FaceApp_1679959895093~2 - Luna Stohler.jpg

Luna Stohler

Design Committee

Enlight1841 - Karin Pyrak.JPG

Karin Pyrak

Design Committee

MaceTorres_EditorsCommittee - Mace Torres.jpeg

Mace Torres

Editors Committee


Sarah Altepeter

Soapbox Moms Committee

Kristen Headshot - Kristen Merker.jpeg

Kristen Merker

Soapbox Moms Committee

Sharon Feingold - Headshot.jpg

Sharon Feingold

Soapbox Moms Committee

NicolePrutch_SoapboxMomsCommittee - Nicole Prutch.jpg

Nicole Prutch

Soapbox Moms Committee

Headshot - Imani Thomas.png

Imani Thomas

Soapbox Women of Color Committee

Yue Wang_Commitee WOC - Yue Wang.jfif

Yue Wang

Soapbox Women of Color Committee

Women of Color Committee - Vivian Vuong.JPG

Vivian Vuong

Soapbox Women of Color Committee

Janet_Profile - Janet Tennyson.jpeg

Janet Tennyson

Soapbox Women of Color Committee

Meet The Team
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