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Soapbox Women is a self sustaining, independent collective committed to empowering and promoting women in the entertainment, creative advertising, and marketing industries.

"Soapbox Women was born in 2013 out of my desperate desire for community among the women in my industry. I was working at the junior level on a very tough team in an even tougher corporate environment. I needed guidance from the women around me who so clearly seemed to have it 'all figured out.'


After an evening spent celebrating the year’s most brilliant work created by the most brilliant minds in entertainment marketing (an event I was only given a ticket to attend because someone higher up on the food chain backed out of going), I was finally presented with the opportunity to meet so many women I had come to know intimately through my career – as colleagues and as people. I immediately felt bonded to these women; it’s an incredibly bonding experience to be with someone who just ‘gets’ how you spend 80% of your time. I was overwhelmed. 


Why was there not a place/network already in place for us to connect? Why did it take the promise of an open bar and free parking to motivate me to introduce myself in person? I felt so great – so deeply a part of something – that night. How could I feel that way more often? I woke up the next morning and wrote an email to every woman I had ever worked with explaining how desperate I was for us to connect more and why. I needed help. I needed mentorship. Could one of these women relate to what I’m going through and if so, guide me through it? I hoped so. Could we all come together and build a network and see what happens when powerful women unite? Within five minutes of my hitting send, every single recipient of this email responded with a resounding “YES! And whatever you plan, here are five names who will want in, too.” I was blown away. This was lightning in a bottle. This was the beginning of Soapbox."


Jennifer Weg

Soapbox Women Founder

Our Mission


A Message from Your Soapbox Co-Presidents


"2021 was a big year of growth after an intense pandemic year that, honestly, we are still processing. Last January, 43 women stepped up to be part of the 2021-2023 Soapbox Leadership Team. These volunteer leaders believed in our mission, and together we worked to bring to life the next chapter of Soapbox Women (Ileanna also gave birth to her second child in September, future Soapbox woman, Theodora!). Throughout the year, our leadership gave generously of their time and resources, programming virtual events and dreaming up new ideas for the future of Soapbox. All of this work has made it possible for 2022 to be our best year yet. 


So what’s next for Soapbox Women in 2022…A LOT! Here are just some of the ways Soapbox has leveled up this year:


  • Membership Dues

Our mission to be a self-sustaining collective means that we need YOUR financial support to keep this organization running strong. Your membership dues will help sustain our operating costs, networking events, allow us to expand our offerings, and continue to level up and support our growing membership. 


  • Soapbox Scholarship
    In an effort to keep Soapbox Women an inclusive and equitable organization, we have also established the Soapbox Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance for any member that is not in the position to pay their annual dues. This will ensure that anyone who wants to join Soapbox Women will have the ability to get involved. 


  • Membership Portal

We're excited to introduce our new member portal, the place where you will pay your dues, have access to the member directory, and sign up easily for events and workshops. 


  • Events & Upcoming Programming
    Get ready for more of the events that you enjoy – opportunities for personal and professional connection, panels of peers and mentors to discuss relevant trends and issues affecting us in our industry, and an exciting group mentorship opportunity for members at all career levels to enjoy. Trust us, you won’t want to miss!


  • Sponsorship Opportunities

Our agency and studio partners now have the opportunity to sponsor Soapbox Women and support our mission. Sponsors allow us to keep member dues as low as possible and we are so grateful to the companies that have already committed to sponsoring Soapbox for 2022.

Soapbox Women would be nothing without the most important element – YOU! We’re so inspired by all the women in our industry and we invite you to share your feedback as we continue growing this organization with our annual Membership Survey. Your feedback has a direct impact on the future of Soapbox Women and we thank you for coming to events and bringing your experiences, bravery, vulnerability, and openness.


Here’s to another year of growing with Soapbox Women." 


With love and gratitude, 


Celia Ryan and Ileanna Sawyer

Co-Presidents, Soapbox Women



Tiz Simpson - Co-VP Programming.jpeg

Tiz Simpson

Co-VP Programming


Crystal Causey

Soapbox Moms Co-Chair


Celia Hubbard Ryan



Ileanna Sawyer

Co- President


Jennifer Weg

Founder & Advisor


Margaret Hinch


Graciela_Del Toro_edited.jpg

Graciela Del Toro

Co-VP Membership


Kasey Waterman

Co-VP Membership


Kerianne Lentz

Co-VP Mentorship


Amanda Levin


2019-07-22-Soapbox_Daphne _Peponides_Kharen_Hill.jpg

Daphne Peponides


Jaling Bohannon-Partnerships and Fundrai

Jaling Bohannon

VP Finance


Suzette Edwards

Co-VP Culture & Equity

Lena Ronan_Co-VP Mentorship_edited.jpg

Lena Ronan

Co-VP Mentorship

AshleyFalls_Co-VP PR_edited.jpg

Ashley Falls

Co-VP Public Relations


Jacky Shu

Soapbox Women
of Color Co-Chair

Erin Beckner_Co-Chair_SoapboxMoms_edited.jpg

Erin Beckner

Soapbox Moms Co-Chair


Caroline Cafasso_CultureEquityCommittee.JPG

Caroline Cafasso

Culture & Equity Committee


Vanessa Zarba

Culture & Equity Committee


Rosie Buada

Culture & Equity Committee

2019-07-22-Soapbox_Kelley- Kalbhenn_Kharen_Hill.jpg

Kelley Kahlbehn

Finance Committee


Heidi Strock

Membership Committee


Jasmine Walker

Membership Committee


Jen Grey

Membership Committee

2019-07-22-Soapbox_Fee _Sondoval_Kharen_Hill.jpg

Fee Sandoval

Mentorship Committee


Allyson Nevil

Mentorship Committee


Maria Franz

Mentorship Committee


Elisa Lovine

Programming Committee

Rose Zecua_Programming Committe.jpg

Rose Marie Zecua

Programming Committee

AlyssaDonovan-Browning PR.png

Alyssa Donovan

PR Committee


Kharen Hill

PR Committee


Meagan Doonan

PR Committee


Sarah Altepeter

Soapbox Moms Committee

Kristen Merker_Soapbox Mom Committee Member.jpeg

Kristen Merker

Soapbox Moms Committee

Maura Duval Griffin - Eternal Music Group.jpg

Maura Duval Griffin

Soapbox Moms Committee


Melissa Hwang

Soapbox Moms Committee


Bridgette Wright

Soapbox Women
of Color Committee


Ileanna Sawyer

Soapbox Women
of Color Committee


Erika Anaya

Soapbox Women
of Color Committee

SuzetteEdwards IMG_6866_edited_edited.jpg

Suzette Edwards

Soapbox Women
of Color Committee

Meet The Team
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