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  • What is Soapbox Women?
    Soapbox Women is a self-sustaining, independent collective committed to empowering and promoting women and gender non-conforming people in the entertainment, creative advertising, and marketing industries. We host multiple panels, workshops, and networking events throughout the year to connect our community.
  • How do I connect with other Soapbox Women members?
    You can find our members on our Facebook Group where jobs are posted and conversations are started. The best way to connect is, of course, at our in person events!
  • How can I be featured in a Soapbox Women Spotlight?
    Click here for the spotlight questionnaire to fill out for yourself or send to someone you think deserves the spotlight. Anyone can submit to be in the spotlight, regardless of career level.
  • Does Soapbox Women offer partnership opportunities?
    Yes! We love partnering with organizations that share our values. Please email if you are interested in partnering with us!
  • Where can I send feedback I have on anything involving Soapbox Women?
    We love hearing from you. Send an email to the President at
  • Who can be a member of Soapbox Women?
    Any woman or gender non-conforming person who works, or is interested in, the entertainment, creative advertising, and marketing industries. You do not have to be currently employed or established in your career to join Soapbox.
  • What are the different tiers of a Soapbox Women membership?
    We have a Professional and a Student tier to meet your needs. Click here for details on annual membership fees and to pay your dues.
  • Why become a member of Soapbox Women?
    A Soapbox Women membership is valuable at any stage of your career. At the student and entry level, you will meet women you can connect with to guide your career path and expand your network, not to mention valuable mentorship through our annual mentorship programs. Looking for leadership experience or to connect more deeply with ambitious women from our industry? Sign up for the newsletter to learn more about the Leadership Selection process. Mid and Senior-level executives benefit from providing mentorship to the women of our industry, making strong connections with talented women looking for their next role, and learning from other peers. Empower and promote the next generation of industry leaders by joining the Soapbox Leadership team! Join our newsletter to learn more about our annual Leadership Selection. All Memberships Include: Access to Member Directory. Access to all Between 3 Pals, Happy Hours, Networking Events, and Soapbox Connection events. Mentorship Programs Special member pricing for workshops and speaker events, geared towards personal and professional development. Financial assistance in the form of a Soapbox Fellowship.
  • How do I reset my password?
  • What kind of events does Soapbox Women offer?
    Soapbox Women offers several events throughout the year including moderated panels, workshops, meet ups, and networking opportunities. Check out our Events page to RSVP for upcoming events and see past events!
  • Who can attend a Soapbox Women event?
    Our events are for women and gender non-conforming people. If these identities do not apply to you, we kindly request you not participate.
  • Who can submit an idea for a new Soapbox Women event?
    Women and gender non-conforming people in the entertainment, creative advertising, and marketing industries, whether you are a paid member of Soapbox or not.
  • How can I stay informed about upcoming Soapbox Women events?
    Sign up for our newsletter! You can also hear about events on our Events page, Facebook Group, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • What is your guest policy?
    Members are welcome to invite friends and guests to Soapbox events! We kindly ask that you have your guest purchase a ticket prior to arrival.
  • What is Soapbox Moms?
    Soapbox Moms provides support for women balancing motherhood with their careers in entertainment, creative advertising, and marketing. Join us whether you're not yet a mom and want to be, are pregnant, or you're anywhere else on the journey toward motherhood. We’ll share our struggles, what has worked for us, and give each other a safe space to learn from each other through panel discussions, small roundtables, mixers, and outings.
  • What is Soapbox Women of Color?
    Soapbox Women of Color is a social support group specifically designed for women of color and women of mixed race in the creative advertising and entertainment industry. Soapbox WOC events are for members only, unless otherwise noted. Allies are welcome to support by folloring @soapboxwoc on Instagram!

Still have questions? Reach out to us at

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